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At we pride ourselves in giving the best customer service available and a wide selection of just about every kind of utility bags you or your company may need.

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At, your home for the best value back to school bags.
Cheap book bags for kids to high quality laptop backpacks for college, we have it all.
Phone: (425) 898 9923

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  •    Since 1995 Mygift Enterprise has been offering high quality wholesale backpacks at great competitive prices. Our bulk book bags are always made with our customers in mind, and we focus on providing the best value school bags at the lowest prices possible.

       Every year we wholesale book bags to hundreds of non-profit organizations, school districts, churches, and government organizations. We take great pride in being a part of all sorts of back to school charity events and backpack giveaways, and love working with our customers to help those in need. We have a wide variety of bulk backpacks to choose from, including wholesale clear backpacks designed for anyone in need of transparent security bags. Our school bags in bulk are often used as gifts and donations to charities, homeless out-reach programs, and various school backpack programs. If you have a specific backpack style you need, custom orders can be handled right through our factory.

How to Help

  • Give a little
    Not everyone can be the world’s richest person or run the biggest company in the nation. That’s why we offer the Backpack Bank.
  • Give a lot
    For those who have been blessed with plenty, please feel free to browse our Charity Donations page. Pick a charity you like and let us know you want to help them. We contact the church for you, set up the order, and have you handle the payment for them. Your entire gift goes toward the order; we do not take any administrative fees for this service.
  • Give direct
    Most if not all of the charities expressing their need for aid have a list of supplies they are actively searching for. If you do not want to give backpacks, or just want to help straight from yourself, feel free to contact the charity of your choice and see what else you can provide. We understand.

Charity Donations

  • New Life Sanctuary To who it may concern, my name is Pastor Coop and I am the Senior Pastor of New Life Sanctuary (NLS) a ministry in Miami, Florida. The community in which we serve has a high rate of low income and single parent families. For the past three years we have organized a Back-to-School even...

    by New Life Sanctuary ,
  • An Angel Sent By God Hi my name is Frankie young this will be my first back to school drive. I didnt know it was going to be this hard for me no one wants to help. I have some stuff that I brought my self, I would love to stuff 300 bags. I am not asking for a hand out but if I could get some help with bags....

    by An Angel Sent By God ,
  • Life Changing Ministries I dont have a long story to tell. After reading some of the other posts, it seems that everyone here has a heart to help others, especially children, in need. It all seems like a long shot, but here goes. Each year our ministry hosts a back to school community outreach called "O...

    by Life Changing Ministries ,